Car Detailing in Park City UT

We offer a variety of services including exterior washing/waxing, interior detailing, engine bay detailing, headlight restoration, paint correction, and ceramic coating in Park City, UT.

Experience Pristine Quality Exterior Wash and Wax!

What better way to keep your car looking fresh and aesthetically pleasing than by availing of quality exterior wash and wax services? As a professional car detailing company, we offer top-tier services that are based on making your car look as good as it can be. Our experienced staff prioritizes quality and attention to detail by carefully scrubbing off the dirt and grime on your car with water. After washing the car, in order to provide a smooth and gloss finish, our team applies car wax on the surface. With specialized waxing equipment, we ensure your car has a polished look. If you live in Park City, don’t hesitate to call us now.

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Interior Detailing Services Help Refresh Your Car’s Interior!

Is your car’s interior giving off a messy and unkempt look? Worry not for we at High End-Mobile Detailing are at your service. As the top car detailing company in Park City, we aim to deliver the best services for our client’s satisfaction. Our interior detailing services are a prime example of this promise. We use professional equipment and techniques to clean the accumulated dirt and grime in your car’s interior. These range from vacuuming the carpets to cleaning the dashboard as well as taking care of the upholstery, such as leather conditioning. You can rest assured that our staff are qualified experts with years of experience. Be sure to contact us now.

Engine Bay Detailing Services That Demonstrate Attention To Detail!

The engine bay is often neglected and not awarded the attention it deserves. As a result, it tends to remain dirty and dusty. However, as experienced professionals, we know the importance of maintaining a clean engine bay. Thus, our engine bay detailing services involve everything ranging from clearing the debris accumulated such as leaves and dirt to removing stuck grease. In addition, our professional staff cleans your engine for a neat and clean look that is also essential for ensuring your car runs healthy and for a long period. If you reside in Park City, give us a call now.

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Brighten Up Your Path With Top Headlight Restoration Services!

Certain factors such as repeated environmental exposure and panel gaps can be the reason for your car headlights losing their efficacy by becoming dull and yellow. For reliable results that ensure long-term durability, it is advised to consult professionals like us in Park City. We know how important strong and functioning headlights are for your safety and also for the safety of those around you. We know that water seepage is responsible for weak headlights. Thus, our headlight restoration services make use of specialized techniques to remove the discoloration and oxidation within. You are guaranteed top results at all times, so visit our website to find out more.

Paint Restoration Services That Keep Your Car In Perfect Condition!

Your car’s paint may start to look old and in poor condition which understandably reflects on the whole car. In order to breathe new life into your car’s paint, hiring our professional paint restoration services is advised. You are guaranteed quick and effective results that will showcase your car in a positive light as our clients in Park City can attest. Our experts can remove the swirls, scratches, dents, and discoloration on your paint’s surface. With specialized equipment and techniques, they are able to restore the luster and shine of your paint. Not only do our services benefit your car aesthetically but they also add extra protection. Reach out to us now.

Guarantee Protection With Our Ceramic Coating Services!

As a relatively new solution for paint protection, the ceramic coating provides additional protection to your paint that shields it from UV rays, environmental containments, and minor damage. Due to the care and precision required in the application, we recommend our services to our clients in Park City. Our team of experts makes sure of careful application via specialized equipment thus ensuring long-term reliability and protection. Furthermore, we guarantee ease in maintenance due to the coating helping repel contaminants such as water and dirt from your paint. In order to provide long-lasting protection to your paint, be sure to give us a call now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended you wax your car after every 3-4 washes for long-term durability and protection. There are different types of waxes that you can use and each delivers varying results based on applicability. 

A clean engine bay allows for ease in inspection and engine problem troubleshooting. In addition, it also helps to keep the components and parts clean, for greater long-term engine health.

For soft cleaning, water is your best option. However, if your engine bay has grease residuals, water may not work effectively. For that purpose, you’ll need a degreaser agent to remove it. 

You can make use of a hair dryer to help remove the water in your headlights. Care must be taken to not use excessive heat to prevent damage. 


Yes, paint restoration does help remove the scratches present on your car’s paint. This is thanks to the specialized equipment and materials used to restore your paint’s shine.