Car Detailing in Sugar House, UT

We offer a variety of services including exterior washing/waxing, interior detailing, engine bay detailing, headlight restoration, paint correction, and ceramic coating in Sugar House, UT.

A Lustrous Car Awaits You - Exterior Wash and Wax

Driving a new car that has dirt on it will give the impression that you are an irresponsible person. Having a neat and shiny car will leave a positive impression on both your mind and your circle. High End-Mobile Detailing provides the best exterior wash and wax services in Sugar House, UT. Our professionals will thoroughly clean your car while adhering to the industry’s best practices. They will then use the best waxes to make your car stand out from the competition. So, all of us now get a lustrous car by hiring one of our experts. 

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Thorough Interior Detailing (including carpets, upholstery, and leather conditioning)

Having a clean car interior is important. If you don’t keep your interior clean then it will result in a very unpleasant odor that will permanently settle in your vehicle. Also, it can leave an impression of yours that you are an unclean person. That is why you should get our services to get your car’s interior cleaned. We provide thorough Interior Detailing (including carpets, upholstery, and leather conditioning). All of our experts have a keen eye for detail and will clean your car with extreme attention. So, call us now in Sugar House, UT, for an interior that is as clean as a new one. 

Engine Bay Detailing: Performance At It’s Max!

Bad engine oil and low-quality petrol aren’t the only factors that affect the performance of your engine. If you haven’t cleaned your car in a while then it can also cause your engine to work harder and give a subpar performance. That is why you should get engine bay detailing services from our experts in Sugar House, UT. Our experts will carefully clean the bay area of your engine to ensure that your engine components are not damaged at all. This will result in optimal performance and will also significantly increase the lifespan of your engine. Contact us now for a lasting engine.

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Drive Safe with Our Headlight Restoration

Having a damaged or dim headlight can be very dangerous as it can lead to accidents. If you have a damaged headlight then you are increasing the chances of having an accident on the road. To avoid such an accident, you should get our headlight restoration services in Sugar House, UT. Our experts will use the necessary tools to carefully open up your headlight and perform the necessary repairs. Whether it’s a dim bulb or damaged wiring, we will get it fixed for you. You will have a headlight that will provide more than sufficient light to keep you safe on the road. Don’t wait, and hire us now for safe driving. 

The Right Paint Correction To Restore Your Car’s Actual Looks

Getting the right paint has a lot of benefits for your car. But one of the most obvious and most apparent ones is the enhanced looks. Having a beautifully painted car will give a boost to your self-esteem and you will not be conscious of people criticizing your car. To get the best paint correction, you should contact our experts in Sugar House, UT. Our professionals will use specialized paint guns to provide a seamless coat of paint on your car’s surface. Our paint selection and quality of the paint will ensure that the paint will last for years to come. Contact us now!

Ceramic Coating That Provides Unmatched Protection

Your car has to face a lot of harsh external conditions. Dust, dirt, scratches, UV rays, and much more. All these things will have a direct impact on your car’s surface and will ruin your paint. To protect your paint, there is no better option than getting a ceramic coating for it. We provide the most durable coating by adhering to all the industry’s best practices. The coating that we provide will be seamless and evenly applied to provide the same protection throughout the car’s body. So, call us now in Sugar House, UT, to secure your car’s body for years to come. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, interior detailing will remove almost all sorts of stains. We use quality cleaning agents that will remove all stubborn stains without damaging your car’s interior. 

A detailed cleaning is recommended at least once a year and ideally twice a year. Other than that, you should get your car cleaned regularly as it will be more beneficial for your car. 

Ceramic coating is a layer of synthetic polymer that is applied on the car’s surface in the form of a solution. This solution provides a very durable protective covering for your car.

Paint correction is normally done by applying a layer of paint to hide all the scratches. In some cases, buffers are used to remove minor scratches and imperfections. 


Wax acts as a shinning agent on your car’s surface. A perfectly applied wax will make your car shine and it also provides an additional protective layer.